Letter from H.E. Engr. Tariq Bin Abdulaziz Al-Faris
Member & CEO of Arriyadh Development Authority

Riyadh is a city of great cultural and economic influence. It plays an important national role, enjoys a prestigious international status and represents a leading regional development model with proven record of achievements in key metropolitan sectors.

These achievements are the culmination of a long journey of studies, plans and projects developed and carried out by Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA). A key role in this regard is played by the Metropolitan ‎Development Strategy for the Arriyadh Region‎ (‎MEDSTAR‎)‎‏,‏‎ which guides and orchestrates ‎the efforts of ‏various metropolitan sectors in order to better invest the city‎'‎s political‎, ‎scientific‎, ‎and environmental ‏potentials.

Riyadh also looks forward to a number of mega projects, especially in the public transport sector, such as the King Abdulaziz Project for Public Transport in Riyadh (Metro and Buses), which will comprehensively change the lifestyle in the city beyond the provision of public transport service.

In cooperation with the public and private sector stakeholders, ADA seeks to transform Riyadh into a “Smart City”, as part of a plan that includes over 100 initiatives and services. The plan seeks to live up to expectations of the city's residents and comes in alignment with the Saudi Vision 2030 goals, by qualifying the capital to be one of three Saudi cities planned to be ranked among the world's top 100 cities.

In addition, ADA pays special attention to the city’s natural environment and seeks to utilize it sustainably. To achieve this, a set of measures have been taken, including the approval of the "the Executive Plan for Riyadh Environment Protection", which targets upgrading the quality of metropolitan life through maintaining a clean and waste-free environment.

In keeping with its unwavering commitment to serve the residents and visitors of Riyadh city, ADA for the Development of Arriyadh introduces this website to promote the city and its achievements, shed light on the projects and plans of ADA, and facilitate public access to the metropolitan services and the relevant information.

Tariq Bin Abdulaziz Al-Faris
Member & CEO of Arriyadh Development Authority

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