The Metropolitan Development Strategy for Riyadh Region (MEDSTAR) is the strategic referential plan that regulates future development of Riyadh city and all the factors influencing metropolitan development...  More >>
Riyadh structural plan embraced decentralization and multi-center system as the core of future metropolitan planning. Accordingly, Riyadh sub-centers were established to distribute the economic activities, administrative services, and housing among new residential areas...  More >>
The increasing metropolitan development meant that it would be very difficult for policymakers to take decisions or develop plans without having accurate indicators to serve as basis for development-related decisions and improve life quality in Riyadh city...  More >>
The Riyadh Downtown Development Program is a manifestation of the comprehensive development concept adopted by the Royal Commission for Riyadh City since its establishment. The program aims to transform Riyadh downtown into a national historical, administrative and cultural center...  More >>
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